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Servo Valve Control Console

GPM/PSI: .5-50 GPM @ 0-3000 PSI  
Fluid: Mil-H5606  
Manufacturer: N.A.
Shown as: N.A.  
NSN: 4920-00-754-3451  
Product Type:   Test Stand
Type: Universal  
Part No: 12A2650-3  
Model No:  
Manufacturer: IMC/ACL

Description/Function of unit

The test console is made up of 8 major test control and data acquisition components. The following are details call for more information.

Valve Flow Analyzer

The model 200 series valve flow analyzer incorporates integral self-test circuits, which enable easy verification of the specified measurement accuracies. The recorder signal switch and test knob provide for rapid and accurate checks of both axes for sensitivity (inches/mv), linearity, and re-trace. A standard cell with certified accuracy of t 0. 1% is included in the recorder test circuit to verify accuracy of recorded flow, a time sweep input to one axis of the recorder is provided. A constant flow signal is introduced to the other axis by switching in a fixed current command at the control unit. The amplitude of recorded flow multiplied by the period, or time, of flow is directly proportional to the total volume displaced by the cylinder. (*The proportionality constant and the precise volume of the metering cylinder (s).

A factory set calibration adjustment is available on the control unit for contingent use. Re-adjustment is normally not required except for flow measurement at fluid temperature extremes. Unit has provisions for 3 GPM (514) and 50 GPM (532) flow cylinder.

  • Metering cylinders not included, but can be purchased separately.

    Frequency Response Analyzer

    The general purpose instrument is designed to simultaneously measure the amplitudes amplitude ratio, and phase relationship of sinusoidal input signals. It also generates and indicates frequency of a sinusoidal output signal to be used to excite the device under test. The wide range and measured accuracy of all variables give this instrument a practical advantage over other systems available for automatic frequency response analysis of mechanical structures, servo systems, amplifiers, and other servo components. Its method of operation is straight forward, and easily understood. Consequently reliability is high, and maintenance requirements are minimum. Permits Immediate Plotting

    In addition to providing meter readouts of frequency, individual input amplitudes, amplitude ratio, and relative phase, this instrument also provides output voltage signals for recording purposes to enable convenient servo system analysis (and synthesis), these simultaneous output analog signals are linear for phase, and logarithmic for amplitude ration and frequency. This feature enables the immediate plotting of log frequency-phase graphs log frequency-db attenuation graphs (bode plots), and Nichols charts.

    Pressure Control Unit

    The servo control unit is an auxiliary option designed to augment capabilities of IMC'S servo valve analyzers. When analyzer, such as model 200 series valve flow analyzer or model 220 series servo valve micro - flow analyzer, is used in conjunction with the pressure control unit, the system capabilities are extended to include pressure plotting.

    Physically the equipment consists of a pressure control unit (5" x 19" panel) two (2) each, 0-3000 PSI transducers are required to control data. (May be purchased separately)

    Force Displacement Controls

    The flow control valve system can maintain good static accuracy in the presence of output load disturbances despite low gain and consequent poor frequency response. This fact is a result of inherently very high load pressure to signal at zero flow characteristic of the flow control valve.

    Recorder Selection Unit

    Selects desired means of recording test data model 611B IMC.

    Chart Recorder

    Hewlett Packard model 7702B stylist type pens with standard size paper.

    X-Y Recorder

    The recorder duplexer is offered to meet needs of x-y recorder users whose applications require plotting two variables vs. a third variable. It presents advantages over two pen x-y recorders of economy, simplicity, and operation. Although originally designed for use in IMC instrumentation systems, which include IMC model 610 x-y recorders, it has general usage in other systems using various commercially available x-y recorders.

    The recorder duplexer accepts two input signals switches them alternately by means of time-controlled relay, and provides the alternated signal to one axis of the recorder. Synchronized with the signal switching, the recorders pen lift solenoid is activated so as to lower the pen momentarily thus marking a point on the graph paper for each alternation. The series of points plotted are clear and legible no ink dripping is encounter with the newer type reorders, such as the IMC model 610, which have cartridge ink supply.

    Price code: RCCA

    Approx. Dimensions:  
    ALS ID: TSSVTS-102  
    Approx. Weight:  

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