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American Lab & Systems
ZeroTime Overhaul
All new Warranty 18 months from startup.

The following is meant to qualify the zerotime overhaul process and what it can do for the customer. We’ve listed below four (4) distinctive advantages.

First advantage is Price
Second is Quality
Third is Delivery
Fourth is Service

We stock the items and components, our shop is experienced in the disassemble, overhaul to like new and then reassembly and test of the units shown on our web site.  

Our company and staff has twenty-seven (27) years of experience in providing like new quality operational systems to customers. We have turned used units in to like new systems breathing new life into the units and offering the best warranty in the business. This in depth process allows us to stand behind the components and workman ship with our 18 month warranty. The finished product is so good that in many cases it is very difficult to see the difference between the zerotime unit and an all new unit. All units come with complete manuals, parts list, and blueprints. After market support of each item is part of the job.

I hope this information is helpful. I will be happy to provide photos, drawings, and other information that will help in your evaluation. Please feel free to call me at 323-778-8900, fax 323-778-6725, or via e-mail mcurry@americanlabs.com. Your comments are welcome


Our New Zero-Time overhaul program offers upgraded systems using a combination of factory new and factory overhauled equipment.

The finished product is so well built and detailed that it is difficult to see the difference between our zero-time unit and a new system. It is for this reason we are able to offer new equipment warrantees on all Zero Time units.



Many leading companies within the Fortune 500 now use our Zero-Timed units.
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