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American Lab & Systems
Offers a full range of equipment to keep your plant up and running. We are the Hydraulic Overhaul and Inspection Service Team, offering ZERO TIME OVERHAUL and an 18-month warranty

Contact Information

Mailing Address

1328 West Slauson Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90044-2824

Contact Phone Number
Toll Free(877) 779-3880
Main(323) 778-8900
Fax(323) 778-6725

Email Address
Mike Curry / Presidentmcurry@americanlabs.com
Anna Rodriguez / Office Managerarodriguez@americanlabs.com
Carlo Villaloboscvillalobos@americanlabs.com
Mayra Urtez / General Information / Questionsmurtez@americanlabs.com

American Lab & Systems
offers new options in equipment acquisition and maintenance. The energetic Los Angeles based firm re-manufactures equipment (with new warrantees) or customers can select from factory new, used, surplus units and/or custom-built units designed to their specifications. Your schematics or our engineers will work with you for your design requirements

The American Lab "Hydraulics Shop" will overhaul, upgrade and revitalize customers' existing equipment and components - providing years of new life to systems. The Fluid Power Division overhauls mules, stationary stands, pumps and components for both red oil and SKYDROL service. Technical & Engineering staff work closely to respond to specialized requirements.

"We Provide the Solution" to today's economy.

Offering custom - built systems to customer specifications. Your schematics or our engineers will work with you for your design requirements.

Let me welcome you to the AmericanLabs.com provided by American Lab & Systems. This is where we keep all the really good deals that are available to you at KNOCKOUT prices.

1328 W. Slauson Ave, Los Angeles, California 90044
Toll Free (877) 779-3880
Outside of California 
(323) 778-8900 or Fax (323) 778-6725
Email us at: mcurry@americanlabs.com
or at: murtez@americanlabs.com
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