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JOB OPENING: Established 40-year-old company seeks to add experienced personal we build and rebuild hydraulic test equipment portable and stationary stands. Click here for more information

American Lab & Systems offers a full range of equipment to keep your plant up and running. We are the HYDRAULIC OVERHAUL and INSPECTION SERVICE TEAM, offering ZERO TIME OVERHAUL and an 18-month warranty, specializing in mules, test stands and power units, using:

  • Hydraulic Pumps
  • Motors
  • Valves
  • Gauges
  • Filters
  • Rotating Groups
  • Red Oil Equipment and Conversions
  • Industrial and Aerospace Equipment
  • Hose Components
  • Accumulators
  • Hydraulic Repair Services/Troubleshooting
  • Installations/Training
  • Hydraulic Test Stands (Stationary & Portable)
  • Pneumatic Test Stands
  • Proof & Burst Test Stands
  • Special Test Equipment
  • SKYDROL Media Equipment and Conversions
ALS S404 Hydraulic Test CartThe American Lab Hydraulics Shop will overhaul, upgrade and revitalize customers' existing equipment and components, providing years of new life to systems. The Fluid Power Division overhauls mules, stationary stands, pumps and components for both red oil and SKYDROL service. Technical & Engineering staff work closely to respond to specialized requirements.

We offer custom-built systems to customer specifications. We can use your schematics or our engineers will work with you for your design requirements.

Call us at (877) 779-3880 to set up a meeting, or email us at sales@americanlabs.com for more information.

5000 PSI Hydraulic Power Unit with Digital Readouts


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New arrivals
87RM233 Stationary "UNIVERSAL" Wide Body Aircraft Components Test Stand  

Stationary "UNIVERSAL" Wide Body Aircraft Components Test Stand. Available in skydrol fluid media, or other fluid applications upon request. This stainless steel test stand is rated 50 GPM and designed to test: actuators, valves, pumps, hose assemblies and related components to 3000 PSI with a proof test circuit to 10,000 PSI. This Dual System unit offers 2 test stations each able to provide 0/25 GPM and 0/3000 PSI which may be combined for a total 50 GPM and 3000 PSI flow test. The pump test circuit is controlled by a "State of the Art" variable frequency drive with standard aircraft adapter pump mount. More information...

PH30E Small Hydraulic Test Stand (Mule)  

This late style unit is a dual output system complete with sound proof insulation, late style Denison pump, 35 ft. power cable and hose assemblies. Unit has Fisher-Porter 3-25 flowmeter, panel mounted pressure gauges, 0-30 PSI, 0-160 PSI, (-6000 PSI). The dual outlet system includes shut off valves, aircraft or mule reservoir selector valve, 3 micron filters, boost pump, main pump starter. This unit is ideal for aircraft servicing and may be converted to Skydrol use for narrow body aircraft ground checkout.. More information...

TSH-F18-101 Universal Linear and Rotary Actuator Test Stand  

This item provides a means for dynamic testing of a wide range of conventional style linear and rotary actuators including screw jacks falling within the specified limits shown. A force ranging from zero to a maximum of 30,000 lbs. in either tension or compression, the EHTS provides for testing units having an overall maximum length of 44", a maximum stroke of 12", and a maximum rate of travel of 4" sec about the longitudinal axis of the loaded column. Test stand is capable of driving screw jacks at a constant rate for each load condition with measured input torques ranging from zero to full load. The EHTS test system is a universal hydraulic system equipped with computer self-test and calibration programs. More information...

TSH-106 Universal Hydraulic Test Stand w/ Pump Test Drive  

The Test Stand is designed for performance testing on aircraft hydraulic system components such as valves, actuating cylinders, solenoid valves, reservoirs, accumulators, and pumps, using hydraulic fluid, Specification Mil-H5506, Mil-H5083, and Mil-H-83282 at operating temperatures between 100º and 1600° F. More information...

Service Carts for Aircraft Brakes  

This Power Unit is capable of testing actuators, valves, accumulators, and hoses, and has a 600 series Denison variable volume pressure compensated pump. It also includes a high pressure filter (3 micron), low pressure filter (10 micron), water heat exchanger, relief valve, check valve, drain valve, 60 gallon reservoir, electrical control enclosure with starter, fuses, and relay. More information...

Service Carts for Aircraft Brakes  

This unit is completely self-contained and is fully equipped with all necessary instruments, controls and connecting hoses.

All Components are housed in an all steel cabinet of welded and bolted construction. Doors are provided to allow instant access to the interior of the machine for periodic inspection and service. The unit is compact, lightweight, and mounted on rubber tire wheels. Power supplied by a air operated pump. Hydraulic pressure is controlled by means of air pressure regulator. More information...

TSVD-101 Dual Head System Aircraft Generator Test Stand  

This equipment is used for testing AC and DC generators. The unit is mounted on a steel skid with blower motor, drive motors and motor starters. The control panel includes switches, meters and connectors. The unit is designed to operate on: 220/440 vac 50/60 HZ, 3 phase power. But may be modified and up graded for other service on request. More information...

Free Standing 3 System Central Power Unit  

3 System power unit, capable of 50 GPM @ 3000 psi with 5000 PSI available at reduced flows. Consisting of the following components:

  • 280-gallon stainless steel common reservoir

Main Systems

  • 3 Baldor electric motors 100 H.P., 1760 RPM’S,230/460 VAC,ODP,FRAME #404TC
  • 3 Denison high pressure, pressure compensated piston pumps M/N P7W-RB-C-00
  • 3 high pressure filters, MFG: PTI, capable of 80 GPM/6000 PSI
  • 3 low pressure filters with delta gauges
  • 3 case drain filters, MFG: PTI
  • 3 case drain analog flowmeters 1-15 GPM
Service Carts for Aircraft Brakes  
  • 0 - 10 gpm Leak rate with .005% accuracy
  • 5000 PSI working pressure
  • State of the Art Explosion Proof Sending Unit
  • Model A215 is used for Airbus
  • Model A215-Univ is for all types of aircraft: Airbus, Boeing & Douglas

The model A215 is used in support of Boeing and Air Bus. It is a generic unit, simple to operate and will meet the basic test requirements for the above aircraft. The model A215-Universal is used on all Douglas Aircraft requiring It-Can tests. More information...




Pneumatic nitrogen carts used for setting and filling struts on aircraft
SCN-101 Pneumatic Nitrogen Carts (click here to view add'l carts & test stands)


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