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Portable Hydraulic Mule

GPM/PSI: 30 @ 3000  
Fluid: Skydrol, Hyjet  
Manufacturer: American Lab & Systems (ALS)
HP: 60  
Shown as: New  
Product Type:   Mule
Part No:  
Model No: HPPE303K-S4  

B737, B727, B707, DC10, DC9, DC8, MD88, MD80,

3 to 30 GPM, 3000 PSI single system portable aircraft ground support test stand capable of 5000 PSI intermittent duty. The system is designed for low maintenance and flow operation of the narrow body aircraft. The flow and the pressure are adjustable at the control panel. A single adjustable back pressure regulating circuit allows the operator to adjust aircraft reservoir return condition and maintains a positive reservoir head pressure on the aircraft without fluid loss. This feature allows the system to be used on various aircraft with different reservoir pressure requirements.

All controls and instrumentation are mounted on a common control panel for the operators convenience. The control panel is also lighted for night use. This feature illuminates the control panel for easier operation in poorly lighted areas and for night operation.

The panel mounted pressure control valve and flow control affords the operator ease of system control and settings.

The model HPPE303K-S4/60 unit is designated "The Quiet One", and with good reason. We have exceeded OSHA noise level guidelines well below the 85 DB Maximum established. Our system design, component arrangement, and manufacturing assembly technique affords consistent readings at 79 DB or less.

The A-L-S unit is offered with a unique on AUTOMATIC AIR BLEED DEVICE, exclusive to our unit. This feature eliminates the need for ground personnel to manually bleed air. This device automatically removes air in the return lines that connects to the aircraft test panel. It assists in removing air trapped in the aircraft return line for C & D test condition on both open and closed loop operations. This feature helps to quiet the unit and gives the user longer pump life. The HPPE303K-S4/60 unit is towable to 20 MPH with a steering radius of 25 degrees and mounted on 4 pneumatic tires size 600-9, 6 ply. The chassis has a 2 wheel mechanical parking brake. The lower portion of the chassis serves as a full sized drain pan with drain valve.

The cabinet is skydrol resistant stainless steel. The control panel is hard anodized to achieve optimum skydrol resistance and use.

Features List

  • Automatic over temperature shut down
  • Reservoir high/low level automatic shut down safety circuit
  • Boost pump pressure switch, loss of boost pump pressure automatically shuts system down
  • Phase reverse relay (does not allow pump to turn in wrong rotation)
  • Automatic air removal device** This item removes air from the oil returning from the aircraft at flows up to 55 GPM automatically Results are no cavitation, longer pump life, quiet system (see Data sheet #ALS1328)
  • Reservoir drain valve
  • Parking brake
  • Instrument panel lights
  • Reservoir and system fluid temperature indicator
  • Removable cover assembly for major maintenance with access doors for inspection and minor maintenance
  • Panel mounted flowmeter indicator
  • Black anodized instrument panel - reduces glare
  • Aircraft reservoir back pressure regulator circuit and bypass valve
  • Closed or open loop test operations
  • Filter dirt indicator lamps panel mounted
  • Less than 80 DB noise level
  • 6000 Lbs. load rated axles
  • Operation and maintenance manuals
  • Training at American Lab & Systems facility
  • Full size skydrol fluid drip tub with drain valve
  • Variable volume, pressure compensated pump
  • Automatic cooling/heating circuit allows fluid to reach operating temperature for cold weather start-up
  • Fork lift slots
  • 50 Ft. power cable
  • Single hydraulic system
  • Shock mounted pump and motors
  • NEMA 12 Electrical Enclosures
  • Complete serviceability
  • Stainless Steel 50 gallon capacity hydraulic reservoir
  • Towable to 25 MPH with 25 turning radius
  • Stainless steel console
  • Stainless steel heavy duty retractable hose racks
  • Warrantee period of 24 months from start up
    Approx. Dimensions:  
    ALS ID: MUH-123-30E  
    Approx. Weight:  

    Units Subject To Prior Sale

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