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Hydraulic Power Unit

GPM/PSI: 0-74 @ 0-5000  
Manufacturer: N.A.
Shown as: Used  
Product Type:   Power Unit
Part No:  
Model No:  
Manufacturer: Kennett Corp.

  • 22 hours on unit

    Rexoroth Hydromatik AA7VT0 160DR/605 PSS51
    Serial No: 2324390
    HP: 125
    RPM: 1770
    Vac: 406
    Phase: 3
    HZ: 60
    Lincoln frame No: 405TSC
    ODP motor

    Worthington D824 Centrifugal Pump 3X2X6
    HP: 15
    RPM: 3480
    Vac: 230/460
    Phase: 3
    HZ: 60
    US Electric frame no: 215JM
    TEFC Motor

    Heat Exchanger Thermal trofer no: B-1206-DF-J
    Accumulator Accumulator Inc. no: AT-1-3-100, 1 gallon bladder, 300 PSI
    High Pressure Filter MP filter no: FH 320 2B A10HAHVE, 6000 PSI
    Low Pressure Filter (2 each) MP products no: CSG-150-A03A-N tied together
    Relief Valve Rexroth ", 3 port relief with electric vent valve no. DBW20BG1-42/315-6AW12060NDV/5 fulflo 1" relief valve
    Penn Control Temperature actuated valve at water inlet of heat exchanger
    Temperature Switch 0-225F, United Electric, type C100
    Pressure Switch 10-100 PSI, United Electric type H100, model 702
    Temperature Gauge 3", 30-240F
    Pressure Gauge 3", 0-6000 PSI

    Electrical NEMA 12 enclosure with following:

  • 2 each size 4 magnetic starters, Allen Bradley # 509EOD, 115 vac. coil
  • 1 each size 2 magnetic starter, Allen Bradley # 509COD, 115 vac. coil
  • 2 each control transformer
  • Switches and indicator/warning lights for all functions (running time on meter 22 hours)


  • 250 gallon
  • Oil level gauge
  • Clean-out port

    Unit is on four (4) 6" caster , 2 stationary, and 2 swivels.

    Approx. Dimensions: 5' H x 9' L x 4' D  
    ALS ID: PUH-122  
    Approx. Weight: 3300 lbs.  

    Units Subject To Prior Sale

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