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Submerge Pump

GPM/PSI: 240 GPM/109 ft. H  
Fluid: Water  
Manufacturer: N.A.
HP: 15  
Shown as: New Surplus  
Product Type:   Component
Part No:  
Model No:  
Type: Vertical


Mfg. by:Buffalo Pumps
Model: VCRE
Solar PT: 12490-101
Size: 609 Rot CC
S.O. 91430 426-001
RPM 3500
GPM: 240
IMD Dia: 6 5/8
109' ft head

Electric Motor

Mfg. by: General Electric
Model: 5K254QRL 102 2A
HP: 15
RPM: 3550
Volts: 460
Type: K
Frame: 254
HP: 10
HZ: 60

Note: Vertical Motor, Impeller diameter 6 5/8"

Well style pump, vertically mounted, mounting plate dimensions 24 x 31. Distance from plate to inlet port 28 both ports are 3 flange, one hundred fifty (150) pounds, four (4) bolts

Approx. Dimensions: 69  
ALS ID: PMSM-101  
Approx. Weight:  

Units Subject To Prior Sale

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