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Notrogen Generator

Manufacturer: N.A.
Shown as: Used  
Product Type:   Component
Part No:  
Model No: PSA-02995  
Serial No: N2-5020-86
N2 flow is 200 SCFH
N2 pressure is 70-90 PSIG
N2 purity is 99.5%
Maximum inlet pressure - 150 PSIG

Operating voltage

Vac: 115
PH: 1
HZ: 60

The Nitrotec model PSA-02995 Nitrogen generator separates nitrogen from clean dry air, utilizing pressure swing adsorption technology.

In addition to producing nitrogen this unit can be used to supply low pressure GN2 and blanket hydraulic oil reservoirs to reduce oil water content and lower contamination levels.

Excellent for use with skydrol. This system will reduce the overall-all cost to the user for skydrol and other fluids.

High purity nitrogen is preferentially removed from compressed air by the use of special carbon molecular sieves located in the vertical pressure vessels.

The nitrogen that is produced is stored in a separate receiver located near the base of the unit.

2 each Pressure vessels containing carbon molecular sieves Tate Andale part number 38811- 5 and 38811-6.

Nitrogen receiver 6" diameter by 24"

Modicon programmable logic control modules PE0001, PC 0085, DI1131 And DO1130 (2 each) installed in a NEMA 4 enclosure.

Teledyne Analytical Instruments Oxygen analyzer PN 326B with micro fuel cell, class B-1 installed in a NEMA 4 enclosure, with outlying gas selector panel and O-5 SCFH flowmeter for sampling.

Brooks flowmeter model 1110, O-100% maximum flow.

2 each Fisher Controls 98H-13 back pressure regulator

2 each Deltech series 810 compressed air filters, one with Honkinson automatic condensate drain.
Deltech series P10 compressed air filter with time delayed condensate drain
Filterite filter model 91110S0 with time delayed condensate drain

8 each Asco Joucomatic 2 way piston valve with Asco air pilot valve
Allen Bradley pressure switch part number 836-C7

Approx. Dimensions: 30  
ALS ID: TSPN-105  
Approx. Weight: 1200 lbs.  

Units Subject To Prior Sale

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