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Fuel Accessories Test Stand

GPM/PSI: See Data Below  
Fluid: 7024  
Manufacturer: Bauer
HP: 40  
Shown as: Used  
Product Type:   Test Stand
Part No:  
Model No: BEI 3807B  
GPM: 0-200
PSI: 0-465
Volts: 460
Phase: 3
HZ: 60
Type of fuel: Amsco 140L
  • Rated 200 GPM @ 170 PSIG
  • Explosion Proof

    The function of the test stand is to provide a means of accurately performing acceptance test on F18 sub-components.

    It contains all of the control and instrumentation necessary to set, controls and monitor fluid pressure, flow and temperature. It does not contain a fuel reservoir or main pump as it was designed to be operated in conjunction with the facility supply. The test stand will operate in an open or closed loop mode with the facility source.

    The test stand is constructed of structural steel, shaped steel sections and various sheet metal. All of the instruments and controls required for operation are located within or on the enclosure.

    All electrical equipment is class I, group D, explosion proof, meeting the National Fire Protection Association's safety code for equipment located in a hazardous area, except for the air-purged items. The air purging provides a positive pressure with fixed leak rate to prevent accumulation of combustible vapors.

    Incorporated into the test stand are three safety interlocks, which prohibit operation without sufficient shop or purge air pressure or test fluid supply pressure. These devices protect both the operator and the test stand components from injury and damage that otherwise might result if the minimum pressure required in these circuits were not met.

    A stainless steel sink with a drain port has been provided on the test counter to catch leakage or spillage during testing.

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    Units Subject To Prior Sale

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