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Diesel Engine Fuel Pump Test Stand

Fluid: Diesel Fuel  
Manufacturer: Hartridge
HP: 15  
Shown as: Used  
Product Type:   Test Stand
Part No:  
Model No: 1100 MK2  
RPM: 0-4200

The purpose of any Fuel Pump Test Stand is to drive the pump under test, without cyclic variation, over a speed range similar to that encountered by the pump in service. It must also supply fuel to the pump under test and provide all the facilities required to perform the test laid down by the pump manufacturer.

The series 1150 closely relates to the well proven 10 HP series, series 1100, the 15 HP series 1150 Diesel Fuel Pump Test Stand is a result of the Hartridge policy of continuous research and development, designed to provide test equipment able to meet existing and anticipated requirements. One obvious trend is the move towards higher powered trucks with the resulting increase in the number of engine cylinders and in fuel pump capacity.

By fitting a 15 HP motor the 1150 in combination with an infinitely variable mechanical transmission which minimizes power losses, Hartridge are confident that the power and torque available at the drive coupling will more than meet requirements for testing automotive pumps for the foreseeable future. This confidence is fully shared by the world's largest manufacturers of diesel fuel injection equipment, who have been closely involved with the specification of the series 1150. Another trend anticipated was the need to provide a lubrication oil supply system for certain pumps under test. On the 1150 test stand this oil lubrication system is built into the machine, and the lubricating oil supply pump is driven by the same motor which drives the tandem test oil supply pumps. This insures that lubricating oil is always available while a pump is under test.

Main Motor:

15 HP, totally enclosed fan cooled, with automatic star-delta starting. The standard range of main motors is as follows:

190-210V/380-420V:Dual voltage, 3 phase, 50 HZ
200-240V/440-480V:Dual voltage, 3 phase, 60 HZ

Auxiliary Motor:

1 HP (.75 KW), three phase with direct-on-starting and full overload protection. Drives a tandem pump for test oil supply (low pressure pump and pressure phasing (high pressure pump) and the separate lubrication oil pump, via a toothed belt.

Fuel System Pump Deliveries

High Pressure Pump:

24imp.galls. (109 liters) per hour on 50 HZ, 29imp.galls. (132 liters) per hour on 60 HP

Low Pressure Pump:

126imp.galls. (572 liters) per hour on 50 HZ, 151imp.galls. (686 liters) per hour on 60HZ

Lubrication Pump:

65imps.galls (295 liters) per hour on 50 HZ, 78imp.galls. (354 liters) per hour on 60 HZ

Fuel Heater/Cooler

An electrically linked heater/cooler system to maintain constant test oil temperature is incorporated in the series 1150 test stand.

Heater: 2.5Kw thremostatically controlled in fuel tank. Cooler" Water to oil shell and tube type.


  • Normal fuel supply vacuum/pressure gauge, 30" Hg and 0-60lb/in² (0-762mm Hg and 0-4.2 bars)
  • Digital tachometer: four (4) digit, seven (7) segment L.E.D. display. Accurate to 1 rpm and updates every ½ second. Optical pick up behind nose cone
  • Fuel pressure gauge for hydraulic governor and DPA pump testing. Range 0-100 lb/in² (0-7 bars)
  • Fuel pressure gauge for hydraulic governor testing range 0-200lbf/in² (0-14 bars)
  • Fuel pressure gauge for high pressure phasing. Range 0-800lbf/in² (0-56 bars)
  • Fuel temperature gauge. Range 10º - 65º C (50º - 150º F)
  • Lube oil pressure gauge. Range 0-150lb/in² (0-11 bars). Pressure regulated by the control valve as required by the pump manufacturer.
  • Strobe warning light: this light (if fitted) will be illuminated whenever the optional electronic phasing has been switched on.
  • Temperature control warning light: this light will be illuminated whenever the feed pumps switch is set to ON, since the integrated heater/cooler system operates whenever the auxiliary motor is running.
    Approx. Dimensions: 6' 3" x 3' L x 6' 9"  
    ALS ID: TSFU-108  
    Approx. Weight: 1892 lbs.  

    Units Subject To Prior Sale

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