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Universal Hyd. Test Stand w/Pump Test Drive

GPM/PSI: 30 @ 3000  
Manufacturer: Avitech
Shown as: Overhauled  
NSN: 4920-01-152-4853 & 4920-01-174-7863  
Product Type:   Test Stand
Part No:  
Model No: AV843  
The Test Stand is designed for performance testing on aircraft hydraulic system components such as valves, actuating cylinders, solenoid valves, reservoirs, accumulators, and pumps, using hydraulic fluid, Specification Mil-H5506, Mil-H5083, and Mil-H-83282 at operating temperatures between 100 and 1600 F.


1.Pump test circuit capable of testing fixed and variable volume pumps with displacements up to 30 GPM, Discharge pressures up to 3200 PSIG, inlet pressures from 0-150 PSIG and case drain flow from 0.13-1.66 GPM at pressures between 0 and 160 PSIG.

2.A 500 to 5000 RPM variable-speed drive with sufficient torque to drive a 30 GPM displacement hydraulic pump at 3750 RPM and a pressure of 3000 PSIG.

3.A hydraulic static pressure test circuit capable of generating up to 3000 PSIG.

4.A pneumatic static pressure test circuit capable of providing pressures to 3000 PSIG.

5.A dynamic test circuit capable of testing a variety of aircraft components such as actuating cylinders, relief valves, selector valves, and shuttle valves at flow rates up to 30 GPM with pressures up to 3750 PSIG and back pressures up to 200 PSIG. Pressures' up to 5000 PSIG can be generated at reduced flow rates.

6.DC and AC electric power supplies to supply electrical power to hydraulic components undergoing test where necessary.

General Description

The test stand consists of two sections that are interconnected for use. The left section, as viewed from the front of the test stand is a drive console, and the right section is a control console. The drive console consists of an enclosure that houses a drive panel, a pump mounting pad, and a skid that contains the following items:

  • A variable speed DC drive motor with associated blower motor, tachometer, torque arm and drive coupling.

    Circuit drawing on request
    Approx. Dimensions:  
    ALS ID: TSH-106  
    Approx. Weight:  

    Units Subject To Prior Sale

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