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Gasoline Engine Driven Hydraulic Mule

Fluid: MIL-H-5606  
Manufacturer: Sprague/Teledyne Sprague
Shown as: Overhauled  
NSN: 4920-01-056-4390  
Product Type:   Mule
Type: MJ2A  
Part No: 1837-100  
Model No:  
The MJ2A stand provides the facilities for ground checking and maintenance operations on aircraft hydraulic systems. This stand is portable type unit with two hydraulic test systems, a fill and bleed system, an air system, ADC electrical power system, a warning system, and a drive unit. All components are mounted on a trailer assembly and enclosed in a weatherproof cabinet. Hose assemblies and adapters for connecting the stand to the aircraft are included as loose equipment.

The stand is completely self contained unit. One operator can control and observe all test operations. The two hydraulic systems are identical and can be operated independently, simultaneously, or manifold together to provide maximum volume for high flow operations. A variable volume, compensator controlled pump in each system, develops the hydraulic power for test operations. Instruments panel components of the no. 1 system are color coded red and those of the no. 2 system, yellow. The drive unit for the stand consists of a gasoline engine and two gear boxes. Clutches are included in the power take-off for the two test system to engage or disengage each system.

MJ2A Leading Particulars

Capacity Single System, 30 GPM @ 3000 PSI, 15 GPM @ 5000 PSIG, Two (2) systems combined 60 GPM @ 3000 PSIG 30 GPM @ 5000 PSI

Reservoir Capacity 30 US gallons

Drive Unit Engine 153 BHP @ 2400 RPM intermitted duty, 135 BHP @ 2400 RPM continuous duty 24 VDC electrical system. Cold weather start equipment included

Oil Cooler Oil to air type selected to maintain fluid temperature below 140F

Main Gear Box 4 drive pads, two boost pumps pads, three to two reduction speed, twomain pumps pads, two to three step up speed

Filtration Suction system 10 micron, high pressure systems 5 micron, fill and bleed system 5 micron

Fill & Bleed System 2 GPM @ 150 PSIG

Air System 3 CFM @ 150 PSIG

Electrical 8 VDC, 20 AMP maximum current

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Approx. Dimensions: 112" x 62" x 60" (LxWxH)  
ALS ID: MUH-136  
Approx. Weight: 4440 lbs.  

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