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Fuel/Solvent Test Bench

GPM/PSI: 50 GPM, 1000 PSI  
Fluid: See Below  
Manufacturer: American Lab & Systems (ALS)
Shown as: New  
Product Type:   Test Stand
Part No:  
Model No: TSFPV-50-1.5K/415/50  
Fluid: 7024 stoddard solvent calibration fluid, Fuel calibration fluid

Description/Function of unit

The following test bench is designed to supply fuel flows under pressure for performance and functional testing these tests include leakage test, fuel controls test, cylinders test, actuators test, valves test, and various accessories.

The test bench consists of a 10ft HA10 series console 6ft H x 4ft D and includes all fluid pumps, pump motors, stainless steel reservoir, pressure and flow controls, fluid coolers, and instrumentation.

Facility Power - The test bench electric power is rated for 415VAC, 3PH, 50HZ, 240VAC, 3PH, 50HZ service customer to advise which power he uses so the bench can be wired for the facility power at the factory prior to shipment. Note 220VAC and 440 VAC, 60Hz on request.

Pump Test Console - The pump test console will sit beside the main console. The two (2) consoles will connect via hose and cable all controls will be at the main console. The console includes a small sink 2 x 2 x 2 the console is 3ft W x 5ft H x 6ft D. The pump drive test station with VFD electronic control are inside the console.

Instrumentation - All instrumentation is mounted in the vertical instrumentation panel of the main console. (ref. para 2.0)

Mechanical/Electrical - Mechanical/electrical connections made between the 2 units will include a harness (1) end shall be aircraft type disconnects. The other end will be fixed in place. All wires and connections will be identified. All controls will be explosion proof.

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) - The VFD is rated 50HP with a speed range of 0-5000 RPM, a c-face style motor is used with adapter flanges. Customer will be required to supply test unit adapters.

Gauges - A series of gauges are mounted on the panel. Each can be connected as required to indicate test pressure.

Pressure Gauge - Test bench includes various pressure gauges. All gauges are 0.1% accurate.

Auxiliary Gauges-
4 dia.0-100 PSIG, 4 dia. 0-300 PSIG, 4 dia.0-500 PSIG, 4 dia.0-1000 PSIG, 0-50 PSIG, 4 dia.0-30 HGA, 6 dia. 0-200 PSID

Flow meter Accuracy- All flow meters are 0.1% accurate.

RPM & Temperature- Are displayed on panel mounted digital display electronic meter.

Flowmeter Range - The flow range is based on 7240 stoddarel solvent and is read from 500/65000. PPH flow rate for test indication. A scavnge flow meter rated 0-300PHH with separate ports is included in the panel.

Load Circuit - A load circuit is used to back pressure pumps to simulate running conditions under test.

Low Pressure Pump - A centrifugal pump is used to provide inlet pressure to pump under test as required. In addition this pump can be used in high flow low pressure testing.

Pilot Pressure - A 0-1000 PSI, 0-20 GPM pump motor is used to provide pilot pressure to components in test as required. This pump motor uses a VFD control to vary the speed therefore by adjusting the flow output as required too test each component. The flow range is 0-20 GPM.

Valves - Valves and accessories may also be tested as shown in para 8.0. This system allows for: Adjustable pressure, Adjustable flow, Temperature control, Supply and back pressure

Filtration Systems - The system filtration is rated at 10 micron supply and return.

Controls - All controls are conveniently panel mounted at the operator station

Calibration - All pressure gauges and flow meters will be calibrated with certification

The finished unit will be built using a combination of factory new and factory overhaul components with 18 months warranty

Manual Available
Condition: Combo new/overhauled
Price Code: YHAHAR

Approx. Dimensions: 120 x 70 x 72 (LWH)  
ALS ID: TSFU-115  
Approx. Weight: 7000 lbs  

Units Subject To Prior Sale

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