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Univ. Hydraulic Components Test Stand

GPM/PSI: 50 GPM @ 3000 PSI  
Fluid: Skydrol  
Manufacturer: American Lab & Systems (ALS)
Shown as: New  
Product Type:   Test Stand
Part No:  
Model No:  
Description/Function of unit

This stand has two (2) separate consoles, main control and test console and the pump drive test console. Both consoles are made of 300 series stainless steel with number 4 finish. Both consoles mounted on channel iron base with drip pan and forklift pockets.

The main control and test console is our (HA5 series) cabinet the consoles basic construction includes a vertical instrument panel and a sloped control and valve mounting panel. Both panels are black anodized to reduce glare from ambient lighting. Both consoles include a full size work sink and protective shields to protect the operator while running the stand. All shields are easily moved and removed. The main console is approximately 12’ft L x 5’ft D x 6’ft H. The drive pump test console is approximately 2½’ ft W x 5”ft H x 5’ft D. The two (2) consoles are intended to sit side by side with hydraulic and electrical inner connect terminations at each console. The controls for the pump drive console are mounted on the sloped panel of the main console nearest the drive console (usually on the left hand side) of the unit. Please advise if you require pump test to be on the right hand side of the main console. The purpose of the slopping control panel is so we can mount all controls and valves common to your test operation into one common panel right in front of the test operator. This feature allows the operator to make system adjustments without reaching into the actual test area during operation.

The main console is a self contained console complete with the 0-50 GPM, 0-3000 PSI pump and motor, motor starter, system reservoir, system heat exchanger, 0-10,000 PSI hand pump. All filters pressure gauges, flowmeters, digital temperature controller/indicator, digital RPM indicator drive speed control NEMA electric controls and enclosure cycle circuit, pilot pressure circuit. In short all controls and instrumentation the drive console includes the 100 HP, 0-5000 RPM variable speed drive with adapter flange to 6” dia, A-N-D pump flange and shaft coupling with female spline 1¼-24. The vertical panel includes supply, return and case drain hydraulic bulk head connections for pump test. The console includes a protective shield that hinges up and away from the pump mounting pad. This allows complete easy mounting and dismounting of the test pump. The drive is a variable frequency drive with feed back to maintain RPM under load. Most aircraft engine driven pumps run at 37.5 GPM and 3000 PSI. This requires approximately 72HP,

HP = Q x P x 10% loss or 37.5 x 3000 = 112500 = 65.63 x 1.1 = 72.1 HP
           1714                                             1714

The drive is capable of testing Boeing 777 pumps. Pump rated at 48 GPM by Boeing HP 48 GPM x 3000 PSI = 144000 = 84 HP x 1.1 eff = 92.4 HP

In addition the drive is electronic controlled and can be programmed. You can program the drive to slowly come up to speed then hold and drop back down this feature allows for semi-automatic break in and test. The electric and hydraulic controls for pump test are positioned on the left front slopped panel of the main console. The RPM and temperature instrumentation is directly above the controls. The flowmeters and gauges are towards the center or just right of this section in the vertical instrument panel.

Test Stand Major Components and Performance

  • Dynamic circuit uses a pressure compensated piston type positive displacement variable volume pump with mechanical volume control mounted on the sloped control panel. The pump is rated 0-50 GPM, 0-3000 PSI delivery. The system is designed for up to 50 GPM @ 3000 PSI
  • Main Pump Drive Motor - 100 HP, 1800 RPM, c-face, 404TC frame, 480 VAC, 3 PH, 60 HZ
  • Pump Test Boost Pump - 5HP cert., 30 PSI @ 50 GPM
  • Pump Test Drive- 100 HP, 5000 RPM, with variable frequency control feed back control and key pad, 480 VAC, 3 PH, 60 HZ
  • Cycle Test Circuit - manual 3000 PSI, 4 way 3 position valve
  • Main Pressure System Control - Relief valve 0-50 GPM, 0-3000 PSI
  • Pilot Pressure Circuit- range 0-3000 PSI
  • Pump Hydraulic Test Circuit - consist of hydraulic load circuit case drain load circuit supply circuit.
  • Filters - all filters have dirt indicators
  • Supply Filter - 3 micron
  • Return Filter - 10 micron
  • Static Circuit - hand pump 0-10,000 PSI
  • Flowmeter(analog) 2% accu. - 5-50 GPM, 3-30 GPM, .6-6 GPM
  • Pressure Gauges panel mounted (analog) 1 to 2% accu. - 6” and 4” dia.
  • Reference Gauge 5% (analog) - 3” dia panel mount
  • Heat Exchanger Shall and Tube 4 pass- cooling water 70º, 50 GPM
  • Stainless Steel Hydraulic Reservoir- 150 gallon capacity

    The stand will use stainless steel high pressure supply tubing and high pressure hose with shock mounted main motor pump to reduce noise levels. All return and low pressure lines will be aircraft quality aluminum tubing. Hose is used were necessary to reduce vibration and noise. The main console has front and rear inspection access covers. All electrical controls are mounted in a NEMA 3 enclosure installation drawings are included in the manual.

    Additional Features

    The test stand circuit allows the operator to pre-set both pressure and flow from the operator station prior to opening shut off valves that direct flow under pressure to the item being tested. A fluid bypass valve allows oil to circulate without load. The hydraulic outlet and return ports are located inline with the respective control valve and pressure gauge and ports. This allows for easier control of each circuit during test. Each valve and each instrument is identified with a name placard and each name plate is also numbered. The number will correspond to the instructions in the test stand operation manual making it easier to follow procedures. In order to provide a finished product with proven reliability and state of the art control we are using reliable components that have been proven in test stand applications that are as close to standard off the shelf products as possible some brand names are Denison, Oil Gear, Barksdale, Marsh Purolator, Flowmetrics, Vickers and others. In an effort to maintain low cost and deliver a premium unit we have selected some components currently in our inventory. We are providing all new drive and frequency controller, console, electric starter and controls. The finished test stand is a combination of factory overhauled components and factory new components with new warranty on all. All flowmeters and pressure gauges are calibrated and certificates are part of the operation manual. The finished unit will be easy to operate and maintain.

    Approx. Dimensions: 12' ft x 5' ft x 6' ft  
    ALS ID: TSU-105  
    Approx. Weight: 6600 lbs.  

    Units Subject To Prior Sale

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