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Oxygen Servicing Cart

Manufacturer: N.A.
Shown as: N.A.  
Product Type:   Test Stand
Part No: 322A8100 Modified  
Model No: NAN-2A  
Code ID: 282
Type Eqpt: GJC8

Description/Function of unit

  • 6 each Lever control valves (toggle type) manifold pressure regulator.
  • Haskel Nitrogen motor pump air amplifier
  • 6 each 5000 PSI gauges 2 ˝" dia., 5000 PSI outlet gauge high-pressure 4 ˝" dia., 600 PSI outlet gauge low pressure 3 ˝" dia.
  • Manifold filter shut off
  • Micronic filter by facet # 9005-569408-03
  • Towing latch
  • Retracting front wheel
  • Recharge valve
  • Drier purifier
  • Hand brake
  • 4" tie downs

    Unit can be purchased in overhauled condition as shown with bottles… or without bottles. 6 Cylinder racks on cart. Water volume of cylinders would be 2630 CU. Inch each. Capacity 3500 PSI

    Approx. Dimensions: 100" W x 55" Ht. x 37"  
    ALS ID: SCO-102  
    Approx. Weight:  

    Units Subject To Prior Sale

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